[Before using the new Maifan stone wok]_How to use_How to use

[Before using the new Maifan stone wok]_How to use_How to use

Usually when we use a brand-new kitchenware, we all need to do some processing and increase the number of steps.

So, do you know that the new Maifan stone wok needs some preparation before using it?

It can be said that in the kitchenware market, Maifanshi wok is the new favorite of consumers.

Correct use can not only make the new Maifanshi wok more prominent, but also extend the use time.

What is Maifan stone pot Maifan stone pot is a very popular healthy pot in today’s society. It belongs to pot made of natural materials and has many health-care functions and functions.

Maifan stone is a kind of compound mineral or medicinal rock that is non-toxic, harmless and has a certain biological activity.

The main chemical composition of maifanite is inorganic aluminosilicate.

It includes SiO2, Al2O3, Fe2O3, FeO, MgO, CaO, K2O, Na2O, TiO2, P2O5, MnO, etc., and also contains all macro elements required by animals, such as K, Na, Ca, Mg, Cu, Mo and other trace elements.Elements and rare earth elements, as many as 58 kinds.

How to use Maifan Stone Pot for the first time?

How to use Maifan Stone Pot How to use Maifan Stone Pot for the first time Before the first use, make maintenance.

That is, first rinse with water and dry it, apply a thin layer of cooking oil, and then wash it before using.

How to use Maifan Stone Pot for the first time?

How to use Maifan Stone Pot Note 1 for using Maifan Stone. Do not use metal shovel. Generally, use wooden shovel or nylon shovel.

2. Wash the seafood as soon as possible.

3. The surface of the pot should be coated with edible oil to protect the coating.

4. Do not continuously dry the pan.

5. After cleaning the pot, be sure to dry the water and put it in a dry place.

6, because the heat transfer is uniform, only need to use medium to low fire.

Precautions for use of Maifan Stone wok 1. Boil it with water when using it. Wipe the pot gently after draining the water, and then smear it with oil on the surface of the pot to achieve the protective coating and fuel-saving effect.

2. We can’t continuously heat the pot, otherwise the pot body will have markings and shorten the life of the pot.

It must not be dried.

3, the high temperature of the pot body quickly, evenly heated, medium fire, small fire is better, do not use it and have been used Wangwang.

4. We should not store excessively high salt food in the pot for a long time, so as not to corrode the pot body.

5. Do not cut food in the pot to avoid hurting the special material of the pot surface.

6. After the pot is stained with food, you can’t wipe it with sharp utensils. You should put an appropriate amount of water into the pot and gently wipe it with a soft cloth.

7. Please cool the pot naturally after use. Do not put the hot pot directly into cold water.

8. Generally do not use steel ball for cleaning. It is recommended to wipe with a clean cloth. The non-stickiness of the product makes cleaning very easy.

9, we do not use iron spatula, stainless steel spatula and other sharp spatula cooking, it is recommended to use wood or heat-resistant non-toxic resin conditioning appliances.

10. Generally, it is not applicable to the induction cooker and can only be used on an open flame.

What we introduced to you above is how about Maifan Stone Casserole?

Questions about the precautions for the use of Maifan stone casserole. We should have some understanding of this issue. We know that the use of Maifan stone casserole is also good, so many consumers will want to buy this.Maifan stone casserole, we can also serve as a reference, I hope our introduction can help everyone.