[How to make steamed dumplings with kohlrabi]_ steamed dumplings _ how to make _ how to make

[How to make steamed dumplings with kohlrabi]_ steamed dumplings _ how to make _ how to make

Rutabaga is also called mustard. It is a variant of mustard. It is not only extremely rich in nutrition, but also particularly crispy and spicy, so it is very popular, especially the steamed dumplings made from its main ingredients.In fact, the production method of steamed dumplings with kohlrabi stuffing is particularly simple, it can be made in 6 steps, and you can make it at home!

First, the main ingredients: 400g of flour, 250g of kohlrabi, pork seasoning: peanut oil, salt, chicken essence, pepper, and pepper.

Ground pork, minced green onion, pepper, peanut oil, chicken essence, soy sauce, salt, and moderate amount of water to stir in one direction.


Wash and chop the kohlrabi for a while, salt and salt, and scoop out the water.


Mix the minced meat and kohlrabi in a pot.


Add water and flour into a soft and hard dough.


Scoop into dumpling preparation and roll into dumpling skin.


Add stuffing one by one to make dumplings and steam on the steamer.

Third, the effect of kohlrabi 1, refreshing and relieve fatigue, kohlrabi contains vitamin A, vitamin B family, vitamin C and vitamin D are very rich.

Eating often can refresh your mind and help your health.

Rutabaga contains a large amount of ascorbic acid and is a very active reducing substance. It can participate in the important redox process of the human body, increase the oxygen content in the brain, stimulate the use of oxygen by the brain, and has the effect of refreshing the brain and relieving fatigue.

2. It can inhibit bacterial toxin, promote digestive rutabaga and detoxify and swell. It can resist infection and prevent the occurrence of various diseases, inhibit the toxicity of bacterial toxins, and promote wound healing. It can be used to help treat infectious diseases.

It also has the effect of appetizing and digesting, because the kohlrabi has a special flavor and flavor after pickling, which can promote stomach and intestinal digestion and increase appetite. Appetizers can be used to help digestion.

3, eyesight and urination, broad bowel laxative kohlrabi, eyesight, laxative effect is very good.

Rutabaga has a thick and hard tissue, contains carotene and a large amount of edible cellulose, so it has the effect of purging eyesight and wide bowel. It can be used as a good food therapy for ophthalmic patients and can treat constipation. It is especially suitable for the elderly and habitual constipation.Who eat.