Good mood will make menopause into younger

Good mood will make menopause into “younger”

Both men and women have menopause.
Due to the special changes in the body of menopause, there will be physical discomfort, how to get rid of the menopausal syndrome through conditioning, and spend the menopause in a healthy and comfortable way?
Let’s take a look at the small series below!
銆€銆€Whether it is women or men, from the middle-aged to the elderly, menopause, physical and psychological decline is more obvious, often bring people all kinds of discomfort, is referred to as “the autumn of many things” in life.
銆€銆€Most women’s menopause occurs around the age of 50 and before and after menstruation is severed.
As early as the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, the “Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” observed that women over the age of 50, due to the decline of kidney gas, the loss of the meridians, and eventually the depletion of the scorpion, so menstruation stopped, reproductive capacity was also lost.
During this period, the human yin and yang are often not coordinated, and thus a series of symptoms of visceral dysfunction occur.
銆€銆€Women’s menopause because of the reduction of estrogen, all organs have changed, many parts of the body are uncomfortable, the symptoms are varied, changeable, when the time is hidden, when the time is light and heavy, but usually no disease can be detected.
銆€銆€Emotional instability is the most prominent symptom of menopause, or irritability, or sentimentality, or depression, anxiety, or solitude, or chatter.
Hot flashes are also common, and day and night, conscious heat flows to the head, neck or limbs.
After the hot flashes, it is followed by sweating.
Insomnia, dreams, dizziness, brain swelling, tinnitus, fatigue and fatigue are also more common symptoms.
Some menopausal women have chest tightness, some have skin ants, and some have joint and muscle pain.
There are so many subjective feelings, and no abnormal findings have been found, so modern medicine calls it a women’s climacteric syndrome.
銆€銆€For most menopausal women, the symptoms are relatively mild and the duration is relatively short, but a small number of people have more obvious symptoms and a longer duration.
銆€銆€In order to alleviate all kinds of discomfort and eliminate the troubles of menopause, a very important issue is to pay attention to mental health, especially female intellectuals, because the higher the cultural level, the heavier the psychological feeling.
For women to successfully pass the menopause, they must first make psychological adjustments. It is necessary to face up to reality and realize that the arrival of menopause is a natural thing and obey the laws of nature.
The emergence of such discomfort, and no big deal, is just a natural reaction to physiological changes.
If you are short for half a year and long for two years, you will return to normal and you will be able to renew your “second youth.”
銆€銆€In this period, daily life and life should be regular, work and rest should be moderate, dynamic and static, not only to ensure adequate sleep time, but also to have appropriate recreational activities.
In terms of diet, eat less spicy food such as onions, garlic, peppers, wine, etc., but also eat less animal fats and sugars, eat more Yin Yang food such as lily, medlar, raw pear, celery and other vegetables, also choose fruitAnd soy products.
銆€銆€Menopausal women only need to reduce their mental burden, pay attention to the combination of work and rest, and cooperate with the diet to make life rich and happy, and the feelings of discomfort can be alleviated and gradually disappeared, so that they can successfully spend this autumn.
銆€銆€Male menopause comes later than women, usually showing poor physical strength, lack of energy, memory loss, lack of thinking, and not interested in many things, not activities.
There will also be insomnia and more dreams, upset and irritability, low sexual desire, and even impotence.
These symptoms are often mistaken for neurasthenia.
銆€銆€In fact, this is a half-hundred male, testosterone levels are rapidly reduced, resulting in physiological and psychological changes caused by endocrine disorders.
As long as you eliminate your concerns, pay attention to your daily life, and engage in some recreational activities that you are interested in in your spare time, or exchange entertainment with friends and family, and make your life more colorful, your symptoms will be alleviated, and you will disappear more than women.It is easier to successfully pass the “loveful autumn” of the life of menopause.