Lovers are destined to have four endings

Lovers are destined to have four endings

At the beginning, they all said this: But seek once to have, not seek eternity.

I do n’t want to interfere in your life. We are together just for love, or just for loneliness. Sometimes loneliness is more important than principle.

  But after a long time, it is inevitable that he is worthless. The roots of the lover have infiltrated into his soil day after day. You must pull out the blood and bring a piece of flesh. Let it grow and occupy your own territory.The introduction of better varieties will not be able to flower and bear fruit, and will last forever.

  To this day, there are only four ways for lovers to go: 1.

A lover eventually becomes a dependent, no matter whether he is a nostalgic or tired family. Anyway, it is also called Xiu Chengguo. The successful example is Bai Liusu and Fan Liuyuan in “Love in the Fallen City”: The two have the joy of witHowever, after marriage, tassel felt both down-to-earth and frustrated: he finally regarded her as his family, and the playful words began to be left to the woman next to her.


The strong man broke his wrist and sang two shots. Lin Zhixuan sang, “Find a passionate, ruthless, ruthless, ruthless person to bring scars.” “Find a favorite, beloved, dear, dear person to bid farewell to singles.

It didn’t recognize the situation at all, and I didn’t know that I was talking about the same kind of people. They could only be used for love, not for marriage.

If he sang “Find a healthy family who loves my height and education is good enough to let me live better and say goodbye to being single”, that’s pretty much the same.


Be willing to sit down and put the lover’s seat under this determination, knowing that women are always tortured more than men.

Even the maverick Beauvoir was not spared, and was covered with bruises in the hide-and-seek love watch with Sartre.

And Sartre, who can interfere with the smart Sartre?

He still flirts with young and fresh girls and enjoys his bachelor time.

  To this day, it seems that there has not been much relief from the improvement of women’s senior management. The number of amorous women and bastard men will always increase proportionally.

Many times you will find that finding a lover was originally to comfort and lonely. When you have a lover, because you have expectations, you always feel more lonely.

What’s terrible is that the wives in marriage are getting higher and higher now. They have long disdain to find the door to slap in the face to solve the problem. They understand that the word “lover” will sooner or later replace Tian Xingdao and boil the woman behind them.If you run out of oil, why bother yourself?


Strive hard to find someone who loves me to be a husband, find someone I love to be a lover-words crushing is not tubular.

Faye Wong sang like a cry: “I gave you the scenery and the day to him; I gave you the smile and tolerance to him; I gave you the tears and responsibility to him; I gave the distanceYou gave him breath; I gave him fireworks and festivals to him; I gave you candlelights and dinner to him; I gave you heart and body to him; I gave you the plot,The ending was given to him; I gave you the crystal shoes, and gave it to him at 12 o’clock.

“Singing so many” give you to him “in one breath is really not what ordinary people can do. Besides, every day, you have to affix the labels” to your lover “and” to your husband. “The pickers are still tired, not to mention that not everyone can do such split leg work. If they are not careful, they will not reach the shore with the risk of turning over and falling into the water.

  The most desirable thing is the division of labor between lovers and their families in the movie “Breasts and the Moon”.

Mature family members provide care and silver, handsome lovers provide passion and physicality, they all love the same beautiful and kind leader, so they also become friendly to each other, and the three people live happily ever after.

  This movie saw my heart full of excitement, so I told my husband around me: I will give you everything I can give you, you can find it for you; you can give me everything for me, can not give myself outFind.

  Maybe we will fall in love with others again, but psychologically understand that the two of us are still the most suitable people to live with each other. What do you say?

He shook his head, and thought very, very tenderly, two words, “Go to death!”