A lot of hair fell, the reason is actually touched these few things!

A lot of hair fell, the reason is actually touched these few things!

“Scalp”, when mentioned, many people will worry.

Now more and more people wake up every morning to see the hair on the pillow, which makes people feel awkward.

If hair loss is severe enough to be bald, it is even worse than disfigurement.

The reason why people lose hair is generally 20 years old, and is closely related to personal diet and shampooing. The following substances affect the hair loss.

1, nicotine in cigarettes, fume cigarettes will scalp vasoconstriction, so that hair follicles greatly reduce life, cooking fumes are easy to stimulate the scalp hair follicles, which is easy to hair loss due to hair follicle atrophy.

Suggestion: Quit smoking, avoid secondhand smoke, and take a shower cap to replace hair and fumes when cooking.

2, the egg is serious hair loss try to eat less preserved eggs, because its lead content is relatively high, eating more will increase hair loss.

Suggestion: Eat less preserved eggs, like to eat eggs, you can use the ordinary eggs to cook dishes, the taste is also good.

3, sweets and confections are high-migration foods, eating too much will cause complications of insects crazy growth, if your scalp is inherently rare, and often itchy, hair loss, these sweets will make your scalp hair loss more serious.

Recommendation: Eat a balanced diet, eat more vegetables, fruits, and eat less sweets.

4, pillows or pillowcases are often not washed pillows or pillowcases covered with bacteria, people often sleep on them, there will be infected insects, head lice will cause redness of the scalp, acne, greasy, head or dandruff, etc.Wait.
A large number of head lice breed and increase, causing hair loss.

Recommendation: Wash pillow pillowcases, you can use non-ion shampoo with rosemary, this kind of shampoo is very gentle, deep cleansing power, at the same time can sterilize, nourish the scalp and adjust oil secretion.

5, shampoo containing sodium lauryl sulfate to wash water, a certain composition, strong alkaline, degreasing and dehydration are very strong, easy to dry hair, scalp necrosis.

Suggestion: When you buy shampoo, look at the ground, do not wash this shampoo, choose a weak alkaline shampoo that is not irritating to the hair.