[Does carbonated beverages make you fat]_Drinks of carbonated beverages_Fatness_Obesity

[Does carbonated beverages make you fat]_Drinks of carbonated beverages_Fatness_Obesity

Carbonated drinks are a favorite of many people, but it is necessary to remind everyone that carbonated drinks can easily lead to weight gain, so for our health, avoiding fat or drinking carbonated drinks is more appropriate, and if you want to lose weight effectively,Attention should be paid to scientific movements.

First, the United States is the major consumer of carbonated beverages due to carbonated beverages. According to the USDA, per capita consumption of carbonated beverages in that country increased by 450% between 1964 and 2000.

However, in 2005, carbonated beverages were not as glorious as before, and the annual revenue of Coca-Cola and PepsiCo in the US market showed the first tilt in more than 40 years.

Some experts point out that this has a lot to do with the growing awareness of consumers’ health.

Because of its high sugar content, carbonated beverages are defined by many nutritionists as high-concentration beverages, and it is pointed out that it is one of the culprits that causes a considerable part of Americans to suffer from “obesity.”

Experiments show that if you drink 1 can (330 ml) of sugary carbonated beverages every day, every 3 to 4 weeks, a person will gain 1 pound (about 0).

454 kg).

This harm is even more pronounced in children.

A research report by medical experts in the United States states that if a child drinks an average of one can (330 ml) of sugary carbonated beverages per day, his obesity rate will increase by 60%.

Second, the following foods must be eliminated when losing weight. Do you understand that these things can be eaten during weight loss, and what can’t be?

If you do n’t understand, then take a look at the four types of foods you should quit during weight loss: 1. Fried foods: To be honest, in addition to destroying the nutritional content of foods, fried foods will affect health, hypertension, and mild liver.Myocardial infarction and other modern urban diseases come to you!

2. Carbonated beverage: In addition to 85% sugar, it is a bubble.

In terms of nutrition, it belongs to the “food in the empty body”. After eating, it tends to grow belly and is very unfavorable to lose weight.

3, puffed food: The key is the processing method. I don’t believe that you can use a lighter to burn the potato chips to see. There is nothing except a drop of turbid oil.