Female osteoarthritis is mostly due to obesity


Female osteoarthritis is mostly due to obesity

Some people say that obesity is harmful, and only one benefit is that the excessive osteoporosis is relatively light.

This has some truth, but from the intervention point of view, too much can cause bone and joint disease.

銆€銆€Obesity may cause bone and joint diseases mainly as follows: osteoarthritis, diabetic osteoarthrosis and gouty osteoarthrosis.

Among them, the most common and most harmful is osteoarthritis.

It occurs mostly in movable joints and is a chronic degenerative disease.

Its performance includes the degradation and wear of the articular surface of the spine, as well as the formation of bone spurs and bone cysts on the joint surface.

Obesity is an important risk factor for osteoarthritis and is easier to eliminate than other risk factors, so weight loss is beneficial to the prevention of osteoarthritis.

Obesity-induced osteoarthritis mainly affects the knee joint, and secondly affects the hip joint and finger joint.

銆€銆€Osteoarthritis is more common in obese women than in obese men.

Research on each middle-aged woman shows that obese people are 18 times more likely to have knee osteoarthritis than normal women!

Of middle-aged women with osteoarthritis, 65% may be caused by obesity.

The mechanism of obesity causing osteoarthritis has not yet been finally clarified, and it is currently believed that there may be three reasons:

Obesity increases the burden on the articular surface, and the joint structure accelerates wear and aging, causing deformed arthritis.


Obesity can indirectly affect joints through other metabolic complications, such as impaired glucose tolerance, lipid abnormalities, and so on.


Obese people often have unreasonable diets and can affect joints.

May be adversely affected by bones, ribs and joint structures.

銆€銆€Osteoarthritis is the most preliminary cause of disability.

Some patients have had surgery to replace artificial knee joints or artificial knee joints because of very serious joint diseases, and a considerable part of them are due to osteoarthritis.

Therefore, the harm of obesity to bones and joints should be given special attention.

Whether weight loss can improve the existing osteoarthritis is not yet certain; however, weight loss can certainly prevent the occurrence of osteoarthritis.

One study showed that losing 5 kg in 10 years can reduce the risk of osteoarthritis by 50%.