Old people who just wear dentures should eat more fruits and vegetables


Old people who just wear dentures should eat more fruits and vegetables

Many elderly people wear dentures. During the initial period of use, they often feel very uncomfortable in the mouth, accompanied by varying degrees of gum pain. Some patients may feel this even longer.

Why is this?

銆€銆€In clinical practice, we found that in addition to the possibility of over-sensing when wearing dentures, and the denture itself is not well-made, the reduction of collagen in the elderly’s mouth is also an important cause of this situation.

銆€銆€We know that cells and cells are connected through the interstitial cells, and the important component in the interstitial cells is collagen. It maintains the elasticity and substitution of the oral mucosa like cement. It is very in the process of occlusion work.Important role.

Due to the reduced oral self-repair ability of the elderly and malnutrition during the tooth loss process, the skin protein synthesis of the complications is reduced, and the slight mechanical stimulation will cause a blocking reaction in the mouth.

銆€銆€To solve this problem, vitamin C supplementation is the key.

Vitamin C is an important substance involved in the synthesis of collagen in the body.

In the absence of deficiency, there is no shortage of atrophy or attenuation of the gum tissue inside the tooth area, which weakens the ability of the oral tissue to adapt to rough food.

銆€銆€Experiments show that adults add 60 per day?
70 mg of vitamin C can guarantee normal metabolism, so elderly people who often feel uncomfortable after wearing dentures need to eat more fruits and vegetables.

Smoking, drinking and dieting consume vitamin C, so these older people should eat more fruits and vegetables.