[Can lobular hyperplasia eat bird’s nest]_Bird’s nest _ lobular hyperplasia_Can you eat

[Can lobular hyperplasia eat bird’s nest]_Bird’s nest _ lobular hyperplasia_Can you eat

Lobular hyperplasia is a breast disease commonly seen by female friends. Patients with this disease have a lot of precautions in their diet, leading to not eating spicy and irritating foods, and not eating foods rich in hormones. Bird’s nest is not in these two categoriesSo patients with this disease can eat bird’s nest.

First, bird’s nest is a good tonic. Many patients with breast hyperplasia have asked: Can lobular hyperplasia eat bird’s nest?

Experts say that bird’s nest does not contain hormones, so patients can rest assured to consume it, but those with severe symptoms need to be cautious, and it is best to eat it under the doctor’s advice.

Second, breast lobular hyperplasia is the most common non-tumor, non-inflammatory proliferative lesion in breast proliferative diseases, which accounts for about 70% of breast cancer diseases. It can occur in women of any age after puberty.

It is certain that lobular hyperplasia can eat bird’s nest.

Third, the diet of patients with lobular hyperplasia should be light, eat more vegetables; avoid irritating products, such as ginger, garlic, chives, pepper, pepper, etc .; avoid tobacco, alcohol, low-litter, low-protein diet.

Usually eat less fried foods, animal feces, chicken, beef, sweets and too many supplementary foods with estrogen intake.

Usually eat more vegetables and fruits, eat coarse grains and black soybeans, eat more walnuts, kelp, black sesame, black fungus, mushrooms and so on.

Fourth, the benefits of eating bird’s nest for women1. Anti-oxidant effect Bird’s nest has anti-oxidant and detoxifying effects, which can prevent skin cells from oxidative stains, aging and other skin problems, accelerate metabolism of basal pigment cells, and dissolveMelanin formed.

Makes women’s skin whiter, brighter, and lessens pigmentation.

2. Beauty and beauty The bird’s nest contains a very important supplementary hormone-epidermal growth factor, which can promote cell differentiation and regenerate, and help quick repair effect on damaged skin.

Makes skin smooth and elastic, delicate and rosy.

It can also promote mitosis of T lymphocytes and lymphocytes, can increase the skin’s immune function, effectively repair and improve sensitive skin, and prevent skin allergies.

3. Fat-reducing and bird-reducing bird’s nest can promote the metabolism and elimination of subcutaneous faecal cells. It has good fat-reducing and sculpting effects, can keep women’s skin beautiful, and has perfect curves.

Related reading: Can female lobular hyperplasia eat Ejiao 4, delaying aging bird’s nest can promote cell division and proliferation, cell differentiation, can restart aging epidermal cells, calm down fine wrinkles, lighten deep wrinkles, make skin smooth and smoothElasticity, which helps a good anti-aging effect.

5, improve skin problems Bird’s nest can activate the secretion and synthesis of extracellular hyaluronic acid.

Stimulate the skin’s own protection function, obviously improve the dull, dull, dry and rough aging state of the skin.

It also has good antiviral, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects, and effectively improves the pigmentation and scarring effects caused by pink powder and acne.

It can also comprehensively prevent sun damage and radiation damage to the skin.