Five bad habits of office workers


Five bad habits of office workers

The five bad habits of office workers white-collar workers, 1, can’t sit on a chair for a long time, it’s a whole day. It’s hard to keep the lower body fat.

When sitting, the groin (the starting point of the feet) was oppressed, and the blood flow and lymphatic circulation were retained.

Blood flow, lymphatic circulation deterioration is not only easy to edema, old waste materials can not be decomposed, trace amounts, water accumulation to form cellulite.

It is very important to get up at least once in 1 hour. It is very important to do some local exercises, so it helps the blood and lymph circulation of the squirrel.

2, lunch is at the solution lunch time is the only opportunity for people working in the field to get out of the open.

If you have your own poop every day, or buy the convenience store’s bread to eat back, it will lengthen the time to sit on the seat.

Instead, choosing to walk can drive the muscles of the legs, allowing blood flow and smooth lymphatic circulation.

At the time of the band, don’t forget to leave some time and take a little step after the meal.

3, rarely go to the bathroom in order to love the beautiful, follow the rules of drinking more water, but if you sit down all day, the basal metabolism becomes lower, the number of times to go to the bathroom will be less.

If you drink a little water, it will rarely cause edema in the lower body and slowly turn into sputum.

Drink plenty of water, run the bathroom to let the water metabolism, and regularly do the lower body contraction exercise. Walking is a good way to effectively improve the basal metabolism.

4, endure the colder weather becomes colder and colder.

I thought that there was no heating, so the warm air continued to move to the upper layer, and the feet were still cold and cold.

If you ignore it, the blood circulation in the lower body will become worse and worse.

As soon as you feel cold, use a scarf, a blanket to keep warm, and put a small heater on your feet.

In order to avoid a sudden look back, the lower body is fat and a big circle of contradictory situation, always alert, and develop the daily habits is the smartest.

5, often the bar is not at home or in the office, many people can not help but cocked Erlang legs.

If you sit on your legs for a whole day, it will block the blood and lymph circulation in your legs, causing the lower body to swell.

It is not good to do edema care, some massage, the lower extremity vein will gradually protrude, seriously affecting the lower body circulation, resulting in slight thickening, even the muscles will be stiff.