[Does fungus need to boil water?]

[Does fungus need to boil water?]

Many friends feel that there is no difference between before cooking and after cooking, so they think that fungus can be eaten directly, which is wrong.

Before making the fungus, it is best to carry out dehydration, because eating the fungus directly is not good for nutrition absorption and bad for health.

Before cooking the fungus, you need to simmer the water. If you don’t want to cook it again, you can cool it and eat it.

1. Does the fungus need to hold water? The answer is yes!

The fungus must be cooked, otherwise the nutrition is not conducive to absorption!

We know that the main component of fungus is agaric polysaccharide, which is not only conducive to lowering blood fat, lowering blood sugar, antithrombotic, etc., but also anti-radiation, anti-ulcer and other effects.

In addition, black fungus can only be cooked through high temperature to increase the solubility of the composite fiber and black fungus ear, which is helpful for absorption and utilization.

Therefore, the black fungus must be cooked and not eaten directly after foaming.

If you do n’t take a moment, you can directly eat the fungus with foam. In addition to the nutrition is not easy to absorb, some bacteria can not be washed away, and eating it is not good for your health.

So for the sake of nutrition and health, don’t be too troublesome. If you want to eat cold fungus, we have to sip it in advance.

2. What is fungus (English: agaric), mainly grown in China and Japan.

Most of China is Northeast Agaric and Qinling Agaric.

The fungus can be wild or artificially cultivated. The seed entity is auricular, leaf-shaped or cup-shaped, thin, wavy, 3-10 cm wide, about 2 mm thick, with short lateral stalks or narrow appendages.Fixed on alkaline.

The color is dark brown, the texture is soft and gelatinous, thin and elastic, translucent when wet, and shrinks into brittle horny, similar to leather when dry.

It’s delicious, can be vegan, and rich in nutrition.

The fungus is sweet, flat and has many vitamin effects.

It can nourish qi and strengthen the body, have blood circulation effect, intervene in iron deficiency anemia, etc .; it can nourish the blood and maintain its beauty, make the skin rosy and radiant, can dredge the stomach, lubricate, and also help some patients with hypertension.

3. Source of fungus Auricularia grows on rot wood of more than 120 broad-leaved trees such as oak, poplar, ficus, locust, and is solitary or group.

The class of flourology belongs to Basidiomycetes, Auricularia, and Auriculariaceae.

There are 9 species in China, Heilongjiang has all 8 species available, Yunnan has 7 species, and Lushi County in Henan has one.

Wild black fungus is mainly distributed in Daba Mountain, Qinba Mountain, Funiu Mountain, Coix Liaoning, etc.

The nutritional value of agaric fungus1, disease-free health, dry and healthy natural ingredients, black fungus, is one of the medicines that are not unfamiliar to Chinese medicine stores, from reducing the pain caused by trauma to the prevention of internal cardiovascular diseaseBlack fungus, no wonder some people call it “health panacea.”

2. Prevent vascular sclerosis and promote blood circulation. In western medicine research, it is found that regular consumption of black fungus causes low blood viscosity, and because black fungus contains a large number of nine anticoagulant substances, and onions and garlic.Other spices are similar, but they are not as irritating as they are, which can effectively prevent or dissolve thrombus and alleviate related symptoms such as coronary atherosclerosis.

3, lowering blood lipids, beneficial for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. In addition to the excellent taste, the acidic polysaccharides contained in it are also good helpers to lower blood stasis and blood aunts. No wonder it has been since ancient times.Good “heart” food that ancestors love to eat.

Many Chinese and traditional Chinese physicians will tell patients who have undergone cardiac catheterization that eating black fungus dishes often can prevent arteriosclerosis and reduce discomfort such as chest depression and pain.