Once again, smash the circle of friends: the young man is dead while he is afraid of death!


Once again, smash the circle of friends: the young man is dead while he is afraid of death!

Every day, there are more than 50 million in China, and after 90 days in the night, they are drinking punk health in the circle of friends.

When they are staying up late, they are wearing the most expensive mask and drinking ice beer at 2 am.


Whose life is not living and staying up late to die? But yesterday I saw a team that was very poked and decided to share it with young people to praise the highest philosophy of health while fearing death, while making a short film.The case is the contemporary young people’s various pathological habits. While staying up late to the dawn, they are working hard to apply the most expensive mask. 鈻糤hen you are busy with the fitness card, you can sell it after you are idle. I heard that the mobile phone radiation hurts the eyes while playing with the mobile phone.The screen is changed to green; 鈻? but the makeup that is expensive and can’t cover the dark circles.

.It is also difficult to cure a tired body by eating more skin care products.

.The soul can’t afford the flesh but can’t afford to hurt before. I always think that young is the capital to read this short film to understand: young is not capital, health is!

You laugh at your parents’ health ads, but you don’t know that they just want to accompany you for a long time. They especially like the words in the video: they can be changed in the same way, or they can immediately change the health of the overdraft and choose to overdraw health, let life rot, die?

Why don’t you change your living method for yourself and your loved ones? Go to bed early, get up early, eat breakfast, drink hot water, quit junk food 鈻?exercise, running, yoga and any way to enhance your body. 鈻?Work hard and don’t believe in luck, not superstitious koi.Buying what you have always wanted is like those who do healthy life. You are willing to be greedy and fearful of death. You still have a long life and your life is far from being as strong as you think. The rest of your life is long. Living is king:May you no longer waste your time as a death.

May you be in the face of staying up late, greedy and fear of death, longevity!

In fact, each of us should, ask yourself: If life is over, do you really have no regrets?