[Efficacy and role of Zaosu Pear]_Benefits_Premise

[Efficacy and role of Zaosu Pear]_Benefits_Premise

Among the fruits we use every day, there are great therapeutic effects.

Pear Pear, a kind of fruit with blue surface and crisp and sweet flesh.

It is a new type of fruit made from the cross between apple and pear.

Because it is rich in precipitated fiber and vitamins, it is a good weight loss fruit.

Moreover, because the sugar content of Zaosu pear is very high, it is very suitable for patients with high blood sugar and diabetes.

The fruits of Zaosu pear are mostly oval-shaped or long-ovate, with an average single fruit weight of about 250 grams, and the largest can reach 700 grams; the peel is yellow-green or green-yellow, the fruit surface is smooth, shiny, and prismatic fillingThe peel is thin and brittle; the fruit point is small, not obvious; the fruit core is small; the flesh is white, fine, crisp and refreshing, with few stone cells, extra juice, sweet and slightly light, and contains 11% soluble solids?
14%, soluble sugar 7.

23%, titratable acid 0.

28%, Vitamin C 3.

70mg / 100g, quality.

The tree is strong with a germination rate of 84.

84%, the general cut out 1?
2 long branches.

The results began 3 years after planting, with short fruiting branches accounting for 91%, medium fruiting branches 6%, and arm flower buds 3%.

Strong ability of continuous results, high yield and stable yield.

Fruits mature in mid-August.

The fruit development days were 94 days, and the vegetative growth days were 209 days.

In some areas, small pieces of cork tissue caused by boron deficiency appear in the pulp.

The nutritional value of Zaosu Pear: supplemented with cellulose, which can make people feel full and help to lose weight.

It can stimulate the gastrointestinal tract after eating, and can suffer from constipation, hemorrhoids and other diseases.

Trace impurities are important substances that constitute the body, store and provide thermal energy, energy necessary to maintain brain function, regulate metabolites, provide fiber, save protein, detoxify, and enhance interaction.

Vitamin B2 has the ability to make the skin, nails, and hair grow normally, eliminate oral ulcers, enhance vision, and relieve fatigue.

Suitable crowd: suitable for patients with high blood sugar and diabetes.

Suitable for taking contraceptives, pregnant, lactating women and stressed workers.

Zasu pear therapeutic effect: 1.

Hair care: Contains vitamin B, which has the effect of promoting hair growth and giving the hair a natural shine.


Energy supplement: Carbohydrate-containing, can quickly provide energy to the body.


Bright eyes: Vitamin B2 can prevent and treat eye diseases such as light fear, tearing, burning sensation, conjunctivitis, blepharitis, iritis, and corneal cloudiness.


Improve immunity: The function of vitamin B group is to maintain normal metabolism and growth and division of cells. The lack of any one of vitamin B group will reduce the vitality of cells, including the immune system.


Anxiety and annoyance: it can supplement the glucose consumed by the brain, reduce fatigue, irritability, dizziness, insomnia, sweating at night, pay attention to laxity, forgetfulness, extreme thirst, relief, disorder, and even hallucinations.


Nourishing the heart: protect the heart, protect myocardial cells, prevent or recover palpitations, arrhythmia, etc.


Breast enhancement: B vitamins are very rich in content and can promote metabolism, which is beneficial to the synthesis of estrogen and progesterone, so as to improve the effectiveness of the breast.